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My wonderful customers:

writer Debra Milliganwriter Debra MilliganDebra Milligan

NEWCASTLE, United States

Lana Arkhi is an artist of rare talent.  Her ceramics are pictures in paint that tell wonderful stories. I own four of her blue-and-white pieces. One is a floral plate of elegant texture and fluid motif. The other plate is a rounded square that perfectly fits the composition of a river and tree landscape in snow. The third is a teapot that matches in design the rounded plate. The truly delightful aspect of the teapot is that the illustration continues to the back. A work of art for your kitchen! The fourth is a miniature of a dragon. The details on all of Lana’s figurines are wonderful and this dragon is no exception. The winter apparel and the expression on his face are first rate artwork. This little dragon really speaks with his eyes. There are not enough words to describe the beautiful touch, texture, form, mood and overall design of the work of Lana.  She is gifted with artistic vision and she offers to anyone the chance to purchase her works of inspiration at a phenomenal price. They are compositions on ceramic that will last a lifetime. The best words are :  Buy one, or two. You’ve love what you see!

Bertil HultBertil HultBertil Hult

Founder and CEO of EF Education First
Lucerne, Switzerland

Dear Lana, I want to thank you one more time for your lovely hand painted gift to me. It now fits on my desk and reminds me of your wonderful city. Thank you and hope to see all of you soon again in Moscow.






Christine MatareseChristine MatareseChristine Matarese

WILMINGTON, United State

This is STUNNING. Shipped very quickly, and the young lady that makes them is a wonder to deal with. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.








Zoya Matisova

MOSCOW, Russia

This gorgeous tea set I got for my birthday 4 years ago. I love it so much that I am afraid to break it and I keep it most of the time on my shelf. But on my special days I love to drink my favouriite tea with lemon from this exquisite blue and white pair.








Olga Stepien

Fitness coach at STAY FIT MUMMY
LONDON, United Kingdom

The magic of blue!
What to buy as a housewarming gift for someone who has everything and is in love with Russia...guess what...I'm trying to be creative and this peace of art by Lana Arkhi is so beautiful and sophisticated in one go. Beside the size of one pint is really matter ))
Thank you once again for making world better!




Dame Patricia RoutledgeDame Patricia Routledge

 Dame  Patricia Routledge